Should I consider buying Amish-made furniture?

The following was written by Dennis, an Amish woodworker living in the Midwest. In this piece, Dennis addresses myths and realities while considering the question of whether to purchase Amish-made furniture.

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Care Of Solid Hardwood Tables

With proper care, your solid hardwood table can provide years of pleasure for your family. Here are some tips to be sure you get the most from your table:

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Warp Theme Framework

Not sure if you’re buying solid hardwood or a chip imitation?

A check point is the glue joints.

Put your finger on a glue joint and trace it along the top of the surface, over the edge, and to the underside. If the line disappears its probably an imitation. Solid hardwood joints on the other hand can be traced across the top, the side and the underside.

Rescued from Ruin

Old Barns have always been a rich part of American History and without a doubt were at one time “The family gathering place” as the family gathered to milk the cows and feed the farm animals.

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Maintenance Free Outdoor Furniture

Remember, not to long ago, your old worn out patio furniture? Most of the time you didn't even want to sit in it and on hot summer days it was too hot to sit on anyway!

That is definitely not the case today! There is a new standard in outdoor furniture and it's earth friendly, fully recyclable, comfortable and made by the Amish!

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