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Did you know you can find the legendary craftsmanship of Amish built furniture in more places then the hills of Ohio and Indiana? Signature Furnishings furniture store in Pueblo, Colorado brings the finest of home furnishings to town. With Signature Furnishings, you can expect quality, together with hands-on craftsmanship, that only the Amish seem to understand.

Your furniture is an investment. Our focus is “heirloom quality”. Furniture built to last a lifetime. If you have any questions call us at:

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Amish Contemporary Furniture

Amish Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary is a look that would have been built after the 19th century. The modernist art movement has heavily influenced its design. Instead of creating substantially visual furniture, furniture evolved into more simplistic visual designs. The furniture, and the area that it resides in, are used as part of a home’s overall design theme.


Live Edge

Amish Live Edge Furniture

Amish Live Edge Furniture

Live Edge describes the shape of the edge. The bark is carefully removed from the lumber without disrupting the natural appearance. Furniture built with live edge is custom hand stained and coated with a catalyzed conversion varnish. Rustic characteristics of the wood remain and knots can be filled to avoid an uneven surface, but remain visible and authentic.


Amish Rustic

Amish Rustic Furniture

The term “rustic” comes from the National Park Service style of architecture. Rustic embraces nature-inspired textures, simple and earthy colors, and ultimately an unpretentious, organic warmth. Rustic styles reflect the personality of their maker, with techniques such as chip carving, silver or gold brushwork, milk paint, peeled bark and other decorative enhancements.


Amish Traditional Furniture

Amish Traditional Furniture

Amish furniture is furniture manufactured by the Amish, primarily of Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. It is generally known as being made of 100% wood and usually without particle board or laminate. The styles most often used by the Amish woodworkers are generally more traditional in nature. Traditional words used may be Mission, Country or Shaker Styles.

Furniture Store Reviews

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We could not have been happier with our Live edge entertainment center and matching sofa tables. The workmanship that went into our 3 pieces is outstanding. We have never seen furniture that can compare, and the live edges were exactly what we hoped they’d be. Thank you so much for making these furniture pieces that will be family heirlooms.

February 25, 2020

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Love the furniture

May 8, 2019

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Purchased dining table and outdoor glider chairs. AMAZING quality, staff and delivery service. Thanks Signature!!!

May 8, 2019

Signature Furnishings Custom Made Furniture Pueblo CO
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Our furniture is handmade, 100% solid hardwood without particle board or laminate. Custom furniture clients can choose from oak, cherry, maple, hickory, walnut and quarter-sawn white oak wood. Customers can also choose from an extensive selection of stains and finishes and we have the ability to make your custom piece an exact size for that specific place in your home.

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Quality, handcrafted furniture

Quality, handcrafted furniture is a set of words that gets used in almost every furniture store in the industry. It is used so readily that many people barely give it attention, and maybe with good reason. Many times with a little investigation you will discover most pieces of furniture in the mainstream market can hardly be called “handcrafted” as most of the construction process was done by computerized machinery. Thus, the word loses its value. The word “quality” has also been abused to the point we rarely let the word influence our purchasing decisions.

Quality, handcrafted furniture are words we use here at Signature Furnishings as well. You may ask, “What makes this place any different than the aforementioned businesses?” Ah, that is a question we love to hear you ask! We don’t shrink back at the opportunity to point out why we consider our store the place of “home furnishings for the discerning buyer.”

Let’s consider “quality, handcrafted furniture” for just a minute. Here at Signature Furnishings in Pueblo CO, we are in constant and direct contact with the shops that build our furniture. We are not a big corporation; we are simply the storefront for a number of family furniture builders. The beauty of natural wood is very likely the first thing that catches your eye in our store. Only the finest hardwoods are hand-selected to begin the process. The shaping and sanding of each and every piece are done almost entirely by hand. The assembly still uses timeless joinery techniques of old age craftsmen to give each piece the right to “heirloom greatness.” Perhaps the lacquer finishes you will never get done touching are the most “up-to-date” part of our furniture products. You can rest assured your investment is protected by the most durable and advanced finish available.

Last, but not least, where else can you go and on the back of each piece of furniture find the signature of the builder? We may be the only place. That’s what we call handcrafted…and that’s what makes Signature Furnishings in Pueblo, Colorado the place of “home furnishings for the discerning buyer.”

“Amish Made” is not a design or style of furniture…it’s a legacy of handcrafted excellence!

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